Daily Challenge

…and neither are they

The realization that life is not infinite, invulnerable, or guaranteed cannot be more in our minds than right now.

There are many paths to go from this point of tragedy and anguish. Political paths. Human rights paths. Global paths. I’ll let you choose those on your own. Here, I want to take it to the individual level: the every day, every choice, every feeling path.

Not only is your life fragile, but every life you cross is fragile. Every person you share a space with has a history and a future. They are molded from each experience and encounter and choice they have made – just as you are. They may appear to be so different, but at the core, you are both the same.

So here is your challenge: empathy. Access that place inside you that’s deeper than ego and interrogation. Your superhero ability, the power of understanding. It’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s not hard once you let go of your own expectations and realize that the person in front of you does not have the same life experiences. They are different, yes; but there is more that brings you together than separates you.

If we all could give a little more empathy and little less judgement, think of the connections we could make. Think of the loneliness we could eliminate, and the anxiety within so many people. With empathy comes understanding. With empathy, the ability to identify needs within others increases. You will see when someone is hurting, when everyone else seems to ignore them.

During the Las Vegas shooting this past Sunday, there are countless acts of heroism, selflessness and empathy. During those moments, everyone was the same. There was no black/white/liberal/conservative/gay/straight/… There was only life. And the drive to protect life was greater than any judgement we would normally have on those around us. In those moments, there was great tragedy and despair, but there was also great love.

Please challenge yourself to look from eyes of someone else today. You may find that you are not all that different. You are not promised tomorrow and neither are they, so let’s not spend what time we do have in judgement.

adia jude

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