Daily Challenge

Faith > Fear

It’s time to throw your fear out the imaginary window!

We all deal with fear on fluctuating levels. If you can identify a decision you are currently avoiding, these words are for you. If you can’t identify anything, think harder. This could be something life-changing, or something that no one else would understand why it’s even hard to make a decision on. Fear can be big or small.

Whether you’re afraid of the outcome of your actions, or the consequences of not taking action, you are now stuck in fear limbo.

Here is an opportunity to be thankful. Wait. What? Thankful? Yes, thankful. In simple (and slightly cliche’) terms: no rain, no flowers. More importantly,

Being thankful changes fear from a fixed attitude to a process we can engage with, a challenge we can overcome.

Just as pain prompts change, fear prompts action (remember: choosing to hide or prolong a decision is still, in itself, a decision). So let’s all take a second to thank our fears. They help us identify where we need to grow.

So here’s your challenge: You have lived with yourself for [insert your age] years. You know what kind of decisions you’re afraid of making. You’ve made other daunting decisions before and survived. If there’s something to have faith in, it is yourself. So it’s time to let your faith be bigger than your fear.


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