Daily Challenge

Jump that Rump

In celebration of #womenshealthandfitnessday, we are going to take a walk together. That’s right, get up and give your arms a little stretch. Bend your knees. Do that side twist that cracks your back a little (oh my neck cracked too, bonus!).

Now, wherever you are, take a few minutes to walk around. At the office? Explore the building a bit. Heads toward the bathroom and just keep going. Maybe you’ll meet someone new. At school? Go outside and walk the edge of the field (you may have to wait until you have a break. If you dare to get up and walk out in the middle of Shakespeare, let us know how that goes). Waiting for the bus or subway? I officially challenge you to walk to the next stop and get on there.

Okay, so maybe it’s not totally feasible for you to get up and walk around right now. But, the point is to get you thinking about it. It is so easy for us to add some exercise into our day, yet we often just put it on the back burner. So I’m here to remind you,

Take care of your body. Your future self thanks you.

Don’t let the thought of healthy living turn into an avalanche of anxiety – diet, exercise, running, weights, no more junk food, no more good food, it’s so time consuming, it’s so daunting! Shut that brain up!

The only thought you need to focus on is, What is one healthy thing I can do today?

That’s it. Just do that for now. Here, I’ll go first. One healthy thing I can do today is go outside on my lunch break and walk around the block. Then I’m going to go about the rest of my day as I normally would; which most likely will include fast food. Yes, it’s bad for me, but baby steps.

So, join me today in doing one healthy thing for yourself. And join me again tomorrow. Let’s see how far we can take this.

adia jude


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