Daily Challenge

This day lasts forever

Sometimes we go through life moments that are never ending. Whether we are anticipating the future, or are just bored of the present, life can sometimes slink by inch by inch.

A challenge to myself and all of you: Today is an adventure. This morning/evening/afternoon. This moment. It’s all what we make of it. So it’s time to make it an adventure.

Start a hobby… hobby is almost intimidating. Start something new. You don’t need to go out and buy a big set of [whatever], with extra parts and a This New Activity Introduction Guide. 

Go to a library (what, those still exist?), find out what genres you like reading. That’s an adventure, right there. If you already know and have read every book in your favorite genre, then venture into new territory (murder-mystery, anyone?).

Visit an animal shelter. You may not be able to adopt a dog, cat, bunny or lizard. You may not be able to promise specific times to volunteer. So just go and play, spend time, love on them. Animals love being loved. You get a feel good. They get a feel good. Win-Win.

Be creative. Have fun. Every moment holds an adventure. Find it. How will you adventure today?

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