Daily Challenge

Inside, outside and around the box

Here’s a not new idea: we often stick ourselves in our own personally-made boxes – out of comfort, out of familiarity, out of fear of the unknown. What if we stretched our boxes a little?

Personally, I prefer my hermit lifestyle – go to work, come home, love on the dog, play The Sims (getting personal here), and go to bed. That is my basic routine. Yes, sometimes I change it up. I stop by the store on the way home or I play Zelda, instead. But, all in all, it’s the same. Every. Day. And I like it that way. I thrive on comfortability (not sure that’s actually a word..but I’m comfortable with it).

Recently, my family decided to take the dog-lovins from inside the home to the neighborhood park. We’ve been doing it for a couple weeks; not every day, but we try to go a few times a week. She absolutely loves it. I’ve grown from “I don’t want to go” to “I’m mildly uncomfortable” to “This is becoming routine and I’m kinda digging the slight breeze.” Not only are we giving our fur-baby some outdoor fun (let me tell you, she can’t get enough of that epic game of fetch), but we are getting out into the world, getting a little exercise, interacting with people. We’re both a bit anti-social, but just this little bit of time spent around other people has expanded our personal boxes.

Here’s today’s challenge: Don’t give yourself an anxiety attack, but try to reach out a bit beyond what’s comfortable. Add in something new to your routine. You’ll be surprised what you discover about the world and yourself.

-adia jude

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