what the sign says

Here’s a #thursdaythought for you: The world has a lot of pain, suffering, and evil in it. We know that. We are reminded of that a lot lately. But, do not forget the blessings that continue to exist. There is hope in every moment. There is kindness all […]

…and neither are they

The realization that life is not infinite, invulnerable, or guaranteed cannot be more in our minds than right now. There are many paths to go from this point of tragedy and anguish. Political paths. Human rights paths. Global paths. I’ll let you choose those on your own. Here, […]

Give Love

Today’s challenge will be a little different. It is both a challenge and request.. a plea. As a resident of the Las Vegas area, last night was a traumatic event to witness. There are a couple ways to help and I would like to encourage everyone to help […]

Faith > Fear

It’s time to throw your fear out the imaginary window! We all deal with fear on fluctuating levels. If you can identify a decision you are currently avoiding, these words are for you. If you can’t identify anything, think harder. This could be something life-changing, or something that […]

Guess what? A human is a human. We are all different and we all the same By recognizing and CELEBRATING our differences, we may find we are not so different after all.

Jump that Rump

In celebration of #womenshealthandfitnessday, we are going to take a walk together. That’s right, get up and give your arms a little stretch. Bend your knees. Do that side twist that cracks your back a little (oh my neck cracked too, bonus!). Now, wherever you are, take a […]